Machines That Improve Your Workflow

There’s only so long you can get by doing everything by hand. At some point your business outgrows manual packing, and that’s when it’s time to bring in some mechanical assistance. Today we’ll show you some of the machines that can help you make packaging your shipments easier, faster, more secure, and more efficient.

Turntable Pallet Wrapper OR-500

If you’re looking for just a little bit of help, this is the machine for you. Operating it is as simple as can be, just move your pallet onto the turntable and depress the pedal to start wrapping with your handheld dispenser. It can be moved by forklift to ensure it’s always where you need it. If you’re still walking in circles around pallets, now is the time to fix that.

Semi-Auto Stretch Wrapping Machine OR-1000

Simple to operate and with a slew of useful features, this is a machine that’s guaranteed to save you time and money. Simply take your pallet, roll it up the adjustable ramp onto the turntable, and let the automatic height detection set things up for the wrapping program of your choice. This is definitely the easiest way to wrap a pallet.

Semi-Auto Stretch Wrapping Machine OR-3000

This machine is a close relative of the OR-1000, and has all the same amazing features, like options for both automatic and manual wrapping, and forklift slots for easy relocation. Its turntable is driven by a heavy-duty industrial chain, and the wrapping reel is specially designed for easy changeovers. Another excellent choice.

Battery Powered Strapping Tool

Strapping up packages doesn’t need to be slow and painful, with the right tools it can be quick and easy. The smallest and simplest of those tools is a battery operated strapping tool, a simple to use handheld device that does three jobs at once. Just feed the strap into the machine and it will tension it, seal it, and cut it with the push of a button. This should be the minimum standard for any packaging operation.

Semi-Auto Strapping Machine TMS-300

Occupying less than a metre in all directions, this compact little machine can be set up just about anywhere. Lightweight and equipped with castor wheels, it offers the flexibility you need to adapt your operation to suit your changing needs. It will handle odd shaped bundles and eliminate bends and splits without your team needing any additional training.

Automatic Strapping Machine TRS-600

An automatic strapping machine is the final word in speed, the only limit to how fast it can work is how quickly you can feed it packages. It’s easy to operate and maintain but has one major drawback, packages must fit within its frame in order to be strapped. If that’s something you can deal with however, you’ll find this to be the most efficient way to strap boxes.

If you’re looking for an investment that will pay for itself in short order, we highly recommend checking out our range of labour saving machines. Your team, and your bottom line, will love you for it.