Sourcing Sustainability With Bamboo

Paper doesn’t just spring into existence, it has to be manufactured from some variety of fibre pulp. Most commonly wood fibre from trees is used, and that’s a big problem considering how much paper we go through.

It is estimated that the global consumption of toilet tissue alone is sufficient to require the felling of 27,000 trees every day to keep up with demand. This is obviously not sustainable, and alternative approaches are sorely needed.

Luckily there are people out there working hard to develop these new approaches, one which is the set of sustainable bamboo paper products being produced by the good people at Tisu.

Let’s investigate.

Why Use Bamboo?

Let’s start with the most important question, what makes panda food such a good choice to solve our paper problems?

Many things, but one of the most important is speed. Growing a tree from a sapling to the point where it’s fully grown and ready to harvest for raw materials can take 10 to 20 years. That means every tree cut down will take decades to replace.

Bamboo on the other hand is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, able to achieve its full size 30 times faster than trees can. So while it takes decades to replace trees, bamboo can be replaced in less than a year, making it the most sustainable product on the market.

Another important difference is that bamboo doesn’t leave behind dead stumps that need disposing of to facilitate replanting. Bamboo is a herbaceous plant, meaning it can regenerate an entire plant from just its roots, and never needs replanting or fertilisation.

Like plucking leaves from a herb garden, you can just keep on harvesting from the same plant over and over and over.

As an additional benefit, bamboo can release 30% more oxygen than trees and absorb 35% more carbon dioxide than trees during its growth process. Now you see why it’s the obvious choice.

What is Tisu Doing With This?

Tisu is using this incredible resource to produce products that are both sustainable and of superior quality. Bamboo fibres are rounder and longer than wood fibres, making the toilet tissue produced from it smoother and stronger. 

All their products come with an FSC 100% rating, with all their bamboo coming from well managed forests. All their packaging is also 100% Plastic free.

Why cut down a tree for just a single use? Choose the sustainable alternative, choose superior quality and eco-friendly bamboo paper products from brands like Tisu.