Sustainable Packaging Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Efficiency

A renewable and easily-recycled resource, paper makes an excellent void fill, padding for fragile items, and an attractive wrapping option. A great way of showing your customers that you share their environmental concerns, everyone should be looking at paper packaging options.

Of course, a busy shipping operation has to consider the efficiency of their packaging as well, so let’s look at some of the time-saving innovations on offer in the FasFil® range of paper dispensers.

FasFil® M

If space is at a premium, and it often is, then the FasFil® M is here to save you.

Developed with sustainability, efficiency, and ease of use in mind, this unit is the smallest of its kind and offers the most flexible installation options. Simply mount it in a convenient location on your packing bench and you’re ready to go!

The footprint of the unit is minimised by raising the unit above the surface of the bench. How far above? That’s up to you, it’s fully height adjustable and has a swivelling head for further ease of use and loading. Couple this with a complete lack of power requirements, and you’ve got a unit that offers unrivalled simplicity.

Increased speed of operation is achieved with its self crumpling feeder and cut and tear process. Paper can be pulled through and cut with only one hand!

Suitable for all small to medium sized packing operations.

FasFil® Mini

We said the FasFil® M couldn’t be beat for simplicity, but the FasFil® Mini might just make a liar of us.

The FasFil® Mini is individually boxed fanfold paper that doubles as a convenient shipping container and void-fill paper dispenser. Simply tear open the perforated cutaways to begin using the box wherever you need it. No power requirements and no mountings or stands means it can be relocated at a moment’s notice, fantastic for operations whose requirements are always changing.

It requires two hands to operate on its own, but the perforated box sections can be removed to allow you to place the entire box inside the FasFil® M.

Suitable in either format for all small to medium sized packing operations.

FasFil® Jr.

If you’re ready to commit to a full-featured paper dispenser, then take a look at what the FasFil® Jr. has to offer.

This powered machine can be loaded with the same paper you would use in any of the other options we’ve looked at, and can be operated with little need for training.

Both the tabletop and floor stand mounted versions are foot pedal operated, dispensing paper in your choice of manual, cut & hold, and custom sized output modes.

Able to be loaded in seconds, and with a small footprint in both formats, it’s an ideal solution for medium-sized shipping operations.
Whatever packaging requirements your business has, Knight Packaging Supplies is here to provide you with everything you need. Have a look at what we’ve got on offer today.