Keeping Products Safe With Sealed Air Wrappings

If you’re shipping out products to customers, the condition those products arrive in is of utmost importance. Different products have different needs, but they all have to be well cared for in transit. So let’s look at some of the options on offer when caring for different types of shipments.

QuikWrap™ Nano

Protecting fragile shipments from damage is essential for all businesses, failure to do so adequately is a guaranteed way to net yourself angry customers.

The QuikWrap™ Nano paper dispenser is any easy way to make sure fragile shipments reach their destination safely. This “Ready to Roll” dispenser box is designed to be used without the need for any additional equipment. Lightweight and compact, it can be set up anywhere and moved at a moment’s notice, perfect for smaller packing operations, and even for working out of your home.

The honeycomb paper wrapping is a cost effective solution for protecting shipments, providing great protection while taking up minimal space. The paper also looks and feels great, giving customers an enjoyable unboxing experience.

When its job is done the paper (and the dispenser box) can be placed directly into the standard household recycling bin.

Fill-Air® Eco-Friendly Air Pillows

When you’re shipping products that require serious protection from bumps and shocks, nothing beats a generous cushion of air. The Fill-Air® Eco-Friendly Air Pillows range is your answer to the question of how to satisfy the potentially conflicting customer requirements of undamaged parcels and low environmental impact packaging.

Each three versions of the product achieve these goals in their own way.

Recycled Content Air Pillows are made of 50% recycled materials to reclaim and repurpose existing plastic waste. Slim 10 micron Pillows are the slimmest air pillows on the market, reducing the amount of waste plastic created to the absolute minimum. Renewable Content Air Pillows are made from 25% sugarcane derived materials, a renewable source of raw materials.

All of them offer the same unbeatable quality of void fill and padding for your shipments, and all are stored deflated until they’re needed, saving you valuable warehouse space.


Bumps and shocks aren’t the only thing that can damage products in transit, perishable items also need to be protected from heat.

Luckily TempGuard™ is here to save the day, offering flexible thermal insulation that keeps shipments cool without taking up an enormous amount of space. Its superior insulation properties allow it to maintain temperatures for 24 to 48 hours.

The heavy duty paper wrapping conforms to the shape of the products inside, enabling efficient use of limited space, and it also doubles as a cushion against physical damage during transit.

As with all paper products from Sealed Air, it’s fully recyclable as well, with no extra effort required.

The safety of your shipments is paramount, don’t treat it lightly. If you’re looking for quality products to ensure your products make it safely to your destination, Knight Packaging Supplies has what you need. Visit our online store today to see our full range.