Semi-Auto Stretch Wrapping Machine OR-1000

Wrapping packages by hand may be good enough for birthday presents, but when you’ve got whole pallets that need to be wrapped in short order you need a smarter solution.

With a wrapping machine not only can you wrap pallets faster than you can by hand, you can do it much more efficiently. Machine wrapping can wrap your pallets just as securely as by hand, while also using less material and being less demanding on your team, allowing them to function at their peak for longer.

To facilitate this major leap forward in your process we have for you the Semi-Auto Stretch Wrapping Machine OR-1000. That’s a real mouthful of a name, so let us break down what it means for your business.

This machine offers a slew of useful features that will save you money and time when wrapping your pallets, including user friendly controls, multiple wrapping programs, automatic height detection, and more!

It’s also incredibly simple to operate. Simply take your pallet, roll it up the adjustable ramp onto the turntable, and you’re away!

The OR-1000 can wrap loads up to 2200mm in height, up to 1200 x 1200mm in width, and has a maximum load capacity of 2000kg. It’s also more portable than you’d think, thanks to built-in relocation slots that allow a forklift to pick it up and move it without any additional equipment.

If you’re looking to make an investment in efficiency, give us a ring or use the link below to go directly to our online store.

Semi-Auto Stretch Wrapping Machine OR-1000