Semi-Auto Strapping Machine TMS-300

If you’re going to the effort of strapping up your packages it’s probably not because you just really enjoy it. You need to know that your cartons and packages are going to remain securely closed for the whole of their journey.

You can of course do this entirely by hand, but it’s much more effective if you have some mechanical assistance to help you do the job quicker and easier.

If you’re looking for an affordable general purpose machine that will make your packing operation faster and more reliable, we’d recommend the Semi-Auto Strapping Machine TMS-300.

Occupying less than a metre in all directions, this compact little machine can be set up just about anywhere. Lightweight and equipped with castor wheels, it offers the flexibility you need to adapt your operation to suit your changing needs.

In addition to being simply and solidly built, this dependable little machine is also easy for you and your team to make use of without needing any additional training.

Simply place your package on the machine, draw the strap out of the feeder and across the package by hand, and then let the motorised tensioner and cutter secure it.

The TMS-300 supports straps in width up to 15.5mm, has adjustable tension, can handle odd shaped bundles, and is designed to eliminate splits, bends, and scratches that can occur when strapping by hand.

Most of all it’s incredibly fast. Once you’ve tried out one of these bad boys you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

If you’re ready to start saving yourself time and money, give us a ring or use the link below to go directly to our online store.

Semi-Auto Strapping Machine TMS-300