Introducing the Packing Tape of the Future

Here at Knight Packaging Supplies we’ve worked hard to develop a reputation as a major supplier of market leading packaging supplies to a wide range of businesses.

In order to live up to that reputation we’re always seeking out innovative new products to supply to our customers, and that’s why we’re proud to advertise a range of sustainable packing tapes from tesa®.

If your business has regular packaging needs, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the need for packing materials that are both reliable and economical. Until now this has required an environmental trade off, but no longer.

Here’s three packing tapes that allow your business to reduce its environmental impact without sacrificing the quality of its output.

tesa® 4713 – Sustainable Paper Packing Tape

The natural rubber adhesive of the tesa® 4713 tape offers good initial tack and powerful adhesion to a variety of surfaces, recycled cardboard among them. It can be applied both by hand and through automatic systems, no need to rebuild your packing process.

The standout of this show though is the backing, which is made entirely from responsibly sourced FSC®-certified paper. The tape is recyclable friendly and supports the normal paper recycling methods. It can be left on the box without interrupting the process, it doesn’t get more convenient than that!

The tape is brown in colour, and can even have your branding printed on it!

If you need a sustainable, reliable, and convenient solution for your light weight packaging needs, this tape is going to make all your dreams come true.

tesapack® 58156 Eco & Strong

A strong tape that doesn’t sacrifice sustainability, exactly what everyone wants.

The tesapack® 58156 Eco & Strong uses a solvent free adhesive, has a core made of 100% recycled cardboard, and most importantly a backing made from 100% recycled plastic.

Otherwise it functions like you’d expect a high strength tape to function, offering high UV resistance, a highly secure seal, and it even unwinds quietly.

This is a solid high strength tape that still helps you make strides towards building a more sustainable business.

tesa® 60400 – The First Bio-Based Packing Tape

This is some truly groundbreaking tape, offering the exact same tesa® quality you’ve come to expect, but now made entirely from plants.

The tesa® 60400 uses a natural rubber adhesive and has a backing made from PLA, meaning it’s made of things like cornstarch and tapioca roots, not oil. These biodegradable materials allow you to make great strides in the sustainability of your process while leaving everything else untouched.

The tape can handle medium weight applications, plays nice with all of the manual and automatic systems you might want to use, and allows you to impress your customers with your dedication to sustainability.

If you’re looking for the same tape but better, this is the product for you.