Achieve Your Sustainability Goals With PCR Packaging Tape

Knight Packaging Supplies remains dedicated to being a major supplier of market leading packaging supplies to businesses all over Victoria.

To fulfil this goal we continue to seek out the best new packaging products from a variety of leading manufacturers, which brings us back again to the excellent range of packaging tapes being created by tesa®.

Today we’re excited to talk about the tesa® 60412 Post Consumer Recycled PET Packaging Tape. This fantastic product is both an excellent packing tape on its own, and a major boon to businesses aiming to make their operations more sustainable, meaning basically everyone.

Let’s dive into what makes it so special.

How It’s Made

The secret of what makes this tape so fantastic lies in the way it’s made.

Packaging tapes of all kinds are made of two main components, a backing material, and an adhesive. Both components are essential, individually they’re just a pot of glue and a spool of ribbon.

PolyEthylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic makes an excellent backing for packaging tape, it doesn’t stretch or move and it has excellent heat and UV resistance. The downside of course is that manufacturing PET is a very environmentally unfriendly process.

That’s why tesa® 60412 is made of 70% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) PET. What this means is that at least 70% of the plastic in use has already been previously manufactured, and is now being recycled into a new form.

This combined with the solvent-free process used in the tape’s production makes it significantly friendlier to the environment than tapes that are using brand new materials.

This is combined with a strong tesa® water-based acrylic adhesive to create a tape that’s both durable and strong.

How It Works

The most important question for many businesses is going to be how it works, and we’re pleased to report the answer is very well.

The PET plastic backing provides excellent strength, and the pressure sensitive adhesive provides excellent sealing ability even on recycled cardboard. With recycled tape and recycled boxes, you’re well on your way to a sustainable operation.

The tape can be dispensed both manually and automatically, unwinds quietly, and can be relied upon to seal cardboard boxes up to 30kg in weight. It’s also fully printable with all types of ink systems.

Finally, when your package has reached its destination and it’s time to recycle the box, the end user can throw the whole thing straight in the recycling. The tesa® 60412 packaging tape can go through the recycling process without interrupting it, a win for both sustainability and convenience.

For any business that wants to improve the sustainability of their operation without sacrificing the safety of their shipping, this is a fantastic opportunity we strongly recommend you consider.