EcoPure Bubble: Environmentally Friendly Plastic Bubble Packaging Products from Polycell

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option for your plastic packaging needs, then allow us to introduce the new generation of EcoPure Bubble products from Polycell. 

These bubble products are supplemented with EcoPure®, an organic additive from Bio-Tech Environmental that degrades plastic in landfills through a series of chemical and biological processes, making them a truly sustainable choice. 

Are you interested in using more eco-friendly plastic packaging products? Then keep reading to learn all about the EcoPure Bubble Products, how they work, and the immeasurable benefits that they provide.

EcoPure Bubble Products

Not only are all the EcoPure Bubble products environmentally friendly, they are also anti-collision, which means you can rest easy knowing that your fragile products will be protected during transit. They are also made from a carefully formulated blend of virgin low density and linear low-density resins, along with various additives for performance purposes. If you aren’t convinced of their quality yet, then keep reading and allow us to introduce you to them.

First up are the EcoPure Industrial Rolls which are produced at 1500mm wide and come in various lengths starting from 100m. These rolls are also able to be easily slit and perforated to your custom requirements, making them an extremely versatile choice.

Along with industrial rolls, the Polycell EcoPure Bubble range also includes retail rolls that come in three different standard sizes as well as two refill sizes. 

EcoPure Bubble rolls are also available in dispensing boxes that feature easy-to-tear perforations, allowing for effortless storage and ease of use. These dispensing boxes come in two different sizes (375mm x 50m, & 375mm x 100m), allowing you to choose the best option for your packaging needs.

EcoPure Bubble doesn’t just stop at rolls of bubble packaging, if you need a packaging solution for high-volume, uniform-sized products, the EcoPure Bubble Bags, Bubble Sheets, and Bubble Tubing will provide you with convenient and economical solutions.

To add onto the already great list of features, the EcoPure Bubble products also offer versatile options by providing three different bubble profiles that are characterised by the different diameters and heights of the bubbles to suit your unique packaging needs. 

EcoPure® Additive

Each year 380 million tons of traditional non-biodegradable plastic waste ends up in  landfills worldwide. You can contribute to the solution of this problem by using products that are treated with the EcoPure® Additive from Bio-Tech Environmental, such as Polytech’s EcoPure Bubble line. 

This additive causes plastic to biodegrade in landfill and marine environments through a series of chemical and biological processes. These processes happen as follows, EcoPure® causes petroleum-based resin products to attract microbes, allowing them to control their PH level and become quorum sensing and colonise on the surface of the plastic. Once this colonisation has taken place, the microbes secrete acids that break down the polymer chain, using its carbon backbone as an energy source. 

If that was all a bit too scientific for you, the simple version is that the EcoPure® Additive creates an opportunity for microbes to utilise plastic as food, something that you will not see in traditional plastic products. Meaning that by using Polytech’s Eco Pure Bubble products for your plastic packaging solutions, you can help to contribute to a greener environment and a better future for us all.

On top of its amazing biodegradable effects, the EcoPure® additive does not reduce the recyclability of any plastic products that are treated with it and does not cause any noticeable changes to the physical characteristics of the products such as tensile strength, glass temperature, melting temperature, and transitions rates. It has also been analysed and determined as safe for use in food contact applications and does not contain any compounds that cause cancer or any other adverse health effects. All of the compounds found within EcoPure® are truly organic, coming from oil and other nutrients found in the natural environment, there are no compounds that would be considered heavy metals, light metals, or metal ions.

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