Rapid Productivity: High-Speed Application with the tesa® 6042 ProSeal

In the fast-paced world of automotive manufacturing, efficiency and precision are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. With the tesa® 6042 ProSeal, automakers now have access to a groundbreaking automation solution that simplifies the process of hole coverings. This innovative cartridge-based applicator offers fully automated material supply, allowing for a seamless and efficient workflow.

Flexible Use of Different Patches for Versatility

One of the standout features of the tesa® 6042 ProSeal is its ability to accommodate different patches on a single applicator. This flexibility allows automotive manufacturers to address various requirements and specifications without the need for multiple tools or equipment. With this applicator, you can easily switch between different tesa sealing patches, optimising the hole covering process and enhancing overall productivity.

The tesa® 6042 ProSeal utilises reusable cartridges that run in a circular refill process. This design eliminates the need for frequent material refills, enabling continuous operation and reducing downtime. These cartridges, equipped with up to 4,000 die-cuts, rotate between the customer and a local tesa facility, ensuring a seamless supply chain and uninterrupted production.

With a lightweight yet durable construction, weighing approximately 40kg, and compact dimensions measuring 625x530x280mm, the tesa® 6042 ProSeal is designed to integrate effortlessly into existing production setups. This compatibility allows for easy implementation within typical industrial robots, enabling a fully automated factory cell for hole covering applications.

The impressive performance of the tesa® 6042 ProSeal is showcased by its efficient application speed. With a process time of just 2 seconds per hole, this applicator allows for rapid and precise hole coverings. Additionally, the 2-stamp design and automatic cartridge change feature enable the application of different diameters, further enhancing its versatility.

tesa® 6042 ProSeal finds application in various fields within the automotive industry. It excels in underbody hole coverings, providing reliable protection against extreme weather conditions. It also meets the specialised requirements for acoustic applications in the interior of vehicles, ensuring optimal sound insulation. Moreover, it is an ideal solution for battery applications, effectively sealing holes in cells, modules, or packs, and providing abrasion protection for screwed or welded spots on battery packs.

When it comes to choosing the right tesa sealing patches for the tesa® 6042 ProSeal, there are a range of options available. For demanding exterior applications, such as underbody coverings, the tesa® 54335 PunctureGuard patch offers exceptional performance. For interior applications with specific acoustic requirements, the tesa® 54336 flexible black sealing patch is the ideal choice. When less demanding interior applications, such as pillars, need to be addressed, the tesa® 54348 thin conformable patch is the perfect solution. Lastly, for less demanding exterior or interior applications, such as rocker panels, the tesa® 54349 tough covering patch ensures reliable and durable hole coverings.

The tesa® 6042 ProSeal is a game-changing product for the automotive industry. With its fully automated material supply, flexible cartridge system, and high-speed application capabilities, it streamlines the hole covering process and enhances productivity.

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