Get Your Holiday Shopping Supplies Wrapped Up

It’s November already, and you know what that means. That’s right, it’s your last chance to make sure you’re ready for the mad rush of shoppers that will be coming through as the holiday season draws near.

So are you ready for what’s approaching? Or do you still need to stock up on packaging that will protect the purchases of your customers while still pleasing them with the sustainability of your solution?

Here’s a few solutions that will get you through the rush and out the other side with a collection of happy customers.

Mailing Bags For Every Occasion

If you’re only shipping small items, why use a massive box? Mailing bags are the ideal solution for shipping small or slim products, and the comprehensive range of Jiffy® mailing bags has a solution for every situation.

Seriously, every situation.

Need a rigid mailing bag for items that must not be bent? They’ve got something for that. Does it need padding as well? They’ve got that too. An all purpose bag that can expand out to accommodate larger items? It’s on the list. Recycled plastic mailer? You bet. Fully recyclable paper mailing bag? Well of course.If you need mailers, come and get them.

Keeping Fragile Items Safe

Customers are paying you to get their fragiles to them in one piece, so you’d better make sure you’re equipped to handle that responsibility.

If your shipments need cushioning, good old bubble wrap is a fantastic place to start. Affordable, easy to use, and great for keeping the kids entertained when you’re finished with it. You can use large rolls or small bubble bags, whichever suits your needs better.

In a similar vein, air pillows are another excellent way to protect your shipments. If you’ve not seen them, they’re exactly what they sound like, big pillows full of air. They provide padding for fragiles while also acting as void fill for any large gaps you may have in your boxes, and are available in a variety of sustainable options.Keep your fragiles safe with our selection of superior cushioning products.

Plastic wrapped air bubbles are a fantastic packing solution, but they lack a certain something that only a paper void fill can provide.

If you’re looking for a paper based solution, we can provide that too.

Whether folding, crumpling, or wrapping your shipments, we’ve got the paper or cardboard solution that will ensure your products arrive safely and are a joy to unwrap.

Our range of paper products is here to meet your needs.

And that’s only some of what we can supply you with, check out our full range of supplies to ensure you can meet your customer’s expectations in a sustainable manner.