Beat The Heat With The flameXtinct Tape Range

Safety is always the number one priority, this holds true no matter where you work or what you do. All industries demand special care be taken to prevent disasters, and there’s few things more disastrous than a fire.

Using the wrong product for the job can either cause a fire, or make an existing fire worse by producing toxic smoke, falling objects, or just being a path for fire to spread along.

If you’re serious about fire safety, then you need to find the right product for the job at hand, near enough isn’t good enough. It’s for this reason that the flameXtinct range exists, to allow you to select exactly what you need for the job at hand.

All the tapes in the flameXtinct range meet the highest of flame retardant standards and are 100% free from halogen so they won’t contribute to the toxic fumes that are the number one cause of fire related fatalities.

So which one is right for you? Let’s look at the different options available.

tesa® flameXtinct 45051

This particular tape has been engineered to be ideal for permanent mounting uses. With a high strength acrylic adhesive and a PET backing, it’s just as dependable as all the tapes tesa® produces. Only 200μm thick, it’s highly flexible and offers excellent adhesive power on a wide variety of surfaces.

tesa® flameXtinct 45051 is suitable for use in the following applications: Building, Elevators, Automotive, Appliance, Marine, and Trains.

tesa® flameXtinct 45001

Another tape for use in permanent mounting, this one has an acrylic adhesive with a PE foam backing. This heavy duty tape is designed specially for challenging conditions, able to hold up to heavy and difficult-to-stick-to materials while still being quite lightweight compared to its competitors.

The foam backing also gives it shock absorbing properties and the ability to act as a flame retardant gap fill.

tesa® flameXtinct 45001 is suitable for use in the following applications: Signage assembly and installation, Elevators, Bonding in aircraft cabin interior, Assemblies in trains, Marine, and Automotive.

tesa® flameXtinct 45063/45065

These tapes offer similar benefits, both featuring the same acrylic adhesive and acrylic core backing, the key difference being the thickness of the backing (800μm and 1200μm respectively).

This thickness allows it to also serve as flame retardant gap fill and cushioning, and of course features excellent adhesion to a variety of materials. Unique to the 4506x varieties is its high viscoelasticity, a property that allows it to both resist being deformed by strain and spring right back into shape afterwards.

tesa® flameXtinct 45063/45065 is suitable for use in the following applications: Windows & Doors, Elevators, Transportation, Marine, and Automotive.

No matter what you’re looking for, the tesa® flameXtinct range is guaranteed to have a flame retardant, toxin free solution to suit your needs. Check out the complete range and find what you need to be fire safe.