Mailing Bags

Mailing Bags are a great way to protect your products. The added protection of our Jiffy bags has protected many of our clients’ goods in transit. We deliver these anywhere in Australia, so you can deliver your products anywhere in Australia


With our list of products ever expanding, sometimes we find things that just don’t fit into our other categories. Have a look through these miscellaneous items, you’ll probably find something you’re looking for, like self-adhesive “invoice enclosed” envelopes.

Paper Products

From paper packaging to Kraft and butchers paper, we source paper in bulk and offer fantastic wholesale prices.


Packaging plastics is one of Knight Packaging Supplies’ specialities. We source an extensive range of plastic bags and stretch wrap for hand, and machine use, as well as many other plastic packaging solutions.


With steel and polypropylene polyester strapping available, as well as all the necessary strapping systems, Knight Packaging Solutions can supply all your strapping needs for a great price.


Double-sided, clear packaging, duct, printed, masking, cloth, we have tapes to suit any purpose. With a great range and great prices, Knight Packaging Supplies is the only real option for Wholesale tape Australia-wide.